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Creatively conscious concepts are what separate Net Results Consults from the typical business development and digital marketing firms.  Instincts rooted in generations of small business owners and investors and the experience of two decades of hands-on entrepreneurial challenges successfully merge to support the needs of business owners.  At the heart of our success is a macro understanding of modern-day resource and operational challenges, and how advances in digital marketing can solve a multitude of problems such as improved review collection and overall customer experience.  

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For the vast majority of the global business economy can and does benefit from this online presence.  With the speed at which content is created search engines do their best to return results on billions of searches every day.  As a business owner, it is vital that you have as much control of your online presence as possible. Websites, search engine profiles, email lists, review collection, and social profiles are just some of the low-cost ways business owners of all sizes are converting more customers more frequently.  In our two decade of online experience Net Results Consults knows the key to lasting business success through digital marketing is a three step process. Investing time into doing the market and product research and corporate culture assessment is at the start of any effective plan. Next, use the knowledge and information gained during the initial phase to craft and implement strategies that meet the client’s available resources and desires. Lastly, set out a clear path of maintenance focused on ease and ongoing performance accountablity. Below is a cross section of proven strategies and services utlized by Net Results Consults to improve awareness and conversions for your business.

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Staying connected to your community and your customers is the key to maintaining your business through the ups and downs of the local economy.  A business that becomes mindful of their customer's experience, buying habits and even competitor’s market engagement is more adept at converting customers at a lower cost.  Net Results Consults prides itself on offering creative alternatives to costly traditional forms of advertising that are simple to maintain and measurable effective...

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Jessica Grentner

Born into the fourth generation of a successful family of entrepreneurs, Jessica was afforded an early start to her education as a business owner. From a very early age Jessica could be found helping in the family business, a real estate investment group focused on revitalizing struggling or bankrupt properties.  In the late 1950's the primary focus of the investments were in struggling hotels and opening restaurants. Growing up in a family business Jessica learned quickly about the discipline and positive mindset needed to become a successful entrepreneur. This crucial learning ground proved hard work does pay off and exposed Jessica to the sense of freedom that being your own boss could provide.

The very first company she helped start, a Washington, D.C. based web design firm, was at the age of 22 while finishing up her undergraduate degree at  Kogod School of Business. After graduating from American University with an International Business Degree she held positions with international banking firms like The Carlyle Group and Hypovereinsbank.  Frustrated with high rents, long commutes, and too many 60 hour work weeks, a move from New York City in Sept 2002 allowed Jessica to find her way back to the family business in Florida. Grateful to be in a more empowered working environment, she spent 5 years in property management, business development and sales for independent and franchised hotel, restaurant and retail interests.  During this time Jessica was blessed with her first child and her focus shifted to finding the ideal balance of mother and entrepreneur.  Looking to leave the 24/7 on-call requirements of the hotel and restaurant industry, her research began on the ideal business for a mom.  That is when she crossed paths with a very unique franchise opportunity, Discovery Maps.  This leap to print and online promotion allowed Jessica to move to the mountains of Colorado to raise her daughter on her terms.   In 2007, Jessica started what would become Discovery Map of Vail, Colorado and Discovery Map of Eagle River Valley, Colorado. 2009 was marked by expansion when Jessica purchased the established Discovery Map of Summit County, Colorado which included the popular resort areas of Frisco, Dillon, Keystone, and Copper Mountain.

In developing the Discovery Map franchises Jessica found herself walking into 100's of businesses a year. In getting to know small business owners and learning more about their struggles and successes, clear patterns emerged. Having met some of these challenges through her previous work Jessica organized Net Results Marketing in January 2008. Rapid growth in interest in her low cost, low maintenance, creatively conscious marketing and business development strategies soon followed.  As needs of clients' expanded, so did the service offerings and the name evolved to Net Results Consults.  Jessica looks to empower the entrepreneur and small business owner to navigate the future challenges of savvy business development without the burden of a full-time hire.  In 2018 the firm celebrated its 10 year anniversary and looks to the future to expand our unique experience and knowledge can reach a greater audience.

Jessica is a proud mother to an adventuresome daughter and 2 sons.  She enjoys skiing, hiking, sailing, bio-dynamic farming, volunteering, yoga, property renovations, going trashing (hunting for garbage in places it should not be!), dancing and vegetarian cooking.  At the forefront of her other passions is the environment, clean water access, sustainable food production, independent business, Waldorf Education, and Quantum Activism. She has called Miami, FL, Washington, D.C., New York, NY, Breckenridge, CO,  Big Fork Montana, Carbondale Colorado, and a few other regions of the United States home but most recently enjoys the serenity of Central Colorado and the occasional visit to her salty roots in Florida.


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